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15% off all twin whole house filter systems - 2 weeks only
15% off all twin whole house filter systems - 2 weeks only

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Removing sediment and the undesirable qualities of chlorine is easy and affordable at NatureZone Water.

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Do I Need A Whole-House Water Filter System In Christchurch and all of New Zealand?

When we speak about filtered water, we naturally think about drinking water. However, an even healthier option is to filter all your water for cooking, cleaning, showering and washing. To access all that water from one tap would not make sense so a whole-house water filter system would be the best solution in Christchurch and throughout Nz.

Here are some questions you might be pondering when deciding to invest in a whole-house water filter system in Christchurch or across Nz.

Is A Whole-House Water Filter System More Expensive?

Whole-house water filter systems are erroneously thought to be more costly than under-counter water filter options. The setup costs are higher than an under-counter option due to the amount and size of equipment needed; however, when comparing the cost per litre, the whole-house filter system is far more economical over time. 

The payback is also via the unquantified health benefits and convenience - filtered water from every outlet.

Protect your lungs with clean, non-chlorinated water and cash in on the benefits for your skin as well.

When Should A Whole-House Water Filter Installation Be Considered?

Whole-house water filter systems are specifically engineered to provide clean, fresh water to every tap in your home.

Deciding factors for investing in a whole-house water filter system include:

Contaminated or low-quality tap water from your council.

Your family suffers from allergies or inflammatory conditions.

You want filtered water in all your bathrooms, kitchen, scullery, laundry room and more.

You are interested in the health benefits of using only clean, chlorine-free water. 

Is A Whole-House Water Filter System Worth The Investment?

A whole-house water filter system is a sophisticated filtering system that provides premium quality water from every tap.

Aside from the cost-saving benefits, your health is even more critical. Bathing and showering in contaminated or chlorinated water is not good for your lungs, skin or health.

Do Whole-House Filter Systems Have Expensive Running Costs?

The running costs of whole-house filtration systems vary depending on what you specify:

Filtration - a basic filter for chlorine and particles (like the under-counter option) is similar in price to the under-sink options. You can select high-efficiency, micro-filters with multi-stage processes that filter out the finest sediment and have UV lighting for bacteria, which will cost more.

Filter durability - You can purchase long-life, complex filter cartridges, which are pricier but need to be replaced less frequently.

The cost of your investment is impacted by the amount of water you want to filter and the degree of purity you are looking for.

The world’s water is not going to get cleaner, and each home needs to become more independent to increase the health of everyone living in it. People are growing their own vegetables, reducing their stress, commuting less and purifying their water. All essential parts of a healthy, happy life.

Contact us today to order your whole house water filter system in Christchurch or throughout New Zealand.

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