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15% off all twin whole house filter systems - 2 weeks only
15% off all twin whole house filter systems - 2 weeks only

Under Bench UV8 System




Special price Short time only.

Ideal for water supplies with a bacteria/virus risk eg. stream, shallow bore.

Dual Stage Under Bench Filter System with Ultra Violet sterilization~One of the finest water filters on the market. By Nature Zone Water.

* Aqua Pro UV sterilizer 
* Twin high pressure housings 
* Ceramic valve faucet 
* Two year warranty!

Complete kit with full installation instructions. Includes:

Filter housings, cartridges, connection hose, shut off valve, mounting bracket, faucet set.

5 micron sediment cartridge removes sediment, rust

1.0 micron CB1 carbon block filter removes or reduces chlorine, organic chemicals, pesticides, taste, odour, heavy metals including lead, copper & mercury.

Approved to standards: 
AS/NZS 3497, AS/NZS 4020, 
AS/NZS 4348

~24 month manufacturers warranty~

Filters should last ~ 12 months. Replacement filter pack (one of each type of cartridge) is $41.00. 
The UV lamp should be replaced every 12 months. Cost $95.00

Ensure you have enough cupboard space for installation.

The unit is 370mm tall. Allow another 20mm clearance underneath so the filter housings can be undone to change cartridges. The width must be at least 370mm to allow room for the UV unit and some bend in the tubing.

Normally retails for over $675.00! Save heaps!

These filter units are designed to connect to the cold inlet hose of a modern lever mixer tap. If you have any other tap & plumbing arrangement in the kitchen cupboard, let me know and I will include the appropriate fitting for copper pipe, plastic pipe or dishwasher tap.