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15% off all twin whole house filter systems - 2 weeks only
15% off all twin whole house filter systems - 2 weeks only

RO-400 Premium System

Save 18%
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The RO-400 system is a new way of treating your water.

Producing up to 400 litres of pure drinking water per day, the RO-400 combines style, performance and simplicity of use.

Traditionally RO systems have four or five separate filter housings connected by nests of tubes and wires, making filter changes messy, time consuming and costly. They also take up a lot of space, requiring a large pressure tank and are not user friendly.

The RO-400 is a new approach that does it in style, replacing all the complex mess with two easy change cannisters.

It also includes a filter change warning system through a light on the filter faucet handle and on the cannister reset buttons.

The high capacity of the cannister system removes the need for a pressure tank.

This system is highly effective at removing Nitrate, Fluoride, Chlorine, pesticide residue, metals, bacteria and viruses as well as a wide range of other potential contaminants.

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