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Spring Sale! 40% off water coolers, only $525.00 for a limited time.
Spring Sale! 40% off water coolers, only $525.00 for a limited time.

Twin Whole House Filter System



Whole house twin filter system.

*All housings and cartridges are NSF certified.
*BSP housing thread and seated washer seals and performs better.
*all screws and washers are stainless steel

*Two year comprehensive warranty on housings.

Powder coated bracket(S/S bracket extra)

This whole house Jumbo water filter is the ideal way to keep chlorine, taste, odour and sediment out of your house.

Jumbo 10" housings give 4-6 times the capacity of a standard filter, to give you pure great tasting water for your whole house at an affordable price.

Big Blue housings are made from food grade polypropylene and offer excellent compatibility to water, beverages, syrups and a broad range of chemicals. Pressure relief (air bleeders) buttons are standard.

* Normal operating maximum pressure : 650Kpa (95 psi)
* Normal maximum temperature : 37C
* Maximum Flow Rate : 75 lpm

The system features:
2 X 10 inch jumbo housings with one inch ports to maximise flow

Heavy duty powder coat steel bracket
Housing spanner
CBC10J 10 micron carbon block cartridge (replacement $57.00) and Polypleated 50 micron washable sediment cartridge or 1 micron poly spun (replacement $24.00) depth filter (Giardia safe).

These systems are effective for removing dirt, sediment, colour, taste, chlorine, organic chemical residues

Clean up all your water in one go. Similar systems generally retail for $695 plus.