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15% off all twin whole house filter systems - 2 weeks only
15% off all twin whole house filter systems - 2 weeks only

UF3 Purifier System

Save 17%
Original price $354.00
Current price $295.00
Three Stage Under Bench Filter System. Get the very best from your water. 

Best Korean technology.

The finest water filters on the market. 

For a VERY SHORT TIME ONLY! Our normal retail price $354.00

* Three double o-ring high pressure quick change cartridges.
* Easy 1/4 turn cartridge change. The easiest filter change ever!
* Ceramic valve faucet Puregen 100% Lead free faucet.
* Two year warranty!

Complete kit with full installation instructions. Includes:

Filter head, cartridges, connection hose, shut off valve, faucet set.

5 micron sediment cartridge removes sediment, rust

1.0 micron carbon block filter removes or reduces chlorine, taste, odour, heavy metals including lead, copper & mercury.

The Ultra Filtration cartridge screens down to 0.1 micron. Screen out virtually all micro-organisms! The purest water you can get yet you still get high flow rates on low pressure.

Approved to standards:
AS/NZS 3497, AS/NZS 4020,
AS/NZS 4348

~24 month manufacturers warranty~

Filters should last ~ 12 months. Replacement filter pack (one of each type of cartridge) is $96.00.

The unit is 350mm tall and 230mm wide. Allow 10mm clearance underneath for cartridges to swing forward so the filter cartridges can be turned to change and 50mm each side for easy hose fitting.

These filter units are designed to connect to the cold inlet hose of a modern lever mixer tap. If you have any other tap & plumbing arrangement in the kitchen cupboard, let me know and I will include the appropriate fitting for copper pipe, plastic pipe or dishwasher tap.

Time to change up to the best filter system money can buy!