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15% off all twin whole house filter systems - 2 weeks only
15% off all twin whole house filter systems - 2 weeks only

Benefits Of Plumbed In Water Coolers In Tauranga

Opting to install plumbed in water coolers in Tauranga is a great way to ensure that everyone in your home or office can easily reach their recommended water intake on a daily basis. 

Fresh, Health Water Literally On Tap

With plumbed in water coolers in Tauranga, everyone will have access to a constant stream of lovely fresh water all day long. No more dread glugging sound as the last drops in the bottle reduces the stream to a trickle and then dries up.

Promote good health in your office and home by ensuring everyone can access the full quota of drinking water every day.

So Convenient

Installing plumbed in water coolers in Tauranga means that you will no longer need those cumbersome plastic bottles that take up so much storage space and never get delivered on time. No one has to heft that heavy bottle into position anymore, risking a back injury.

Benefit From Cost Savings

Using the regular water supply will significantly reduce your monthly spending on filtered water when plumbed in water coolers are installed in Tauranga. The installation fee will be recouped very quickly, making this the most cost-effective way to supply fresh, healthy water to your office or home.

Quick And Easy Installation

On installation, plumbed in water coolers in Tauranga are quick and easy to install, service and maintain. They are extremely low-maintenance devices, so looking after them is a breeze.

A More Eco-Friendly Option

You won’t be adding to global warming by having water delivered a couple of times a week. And there is a reduced demand for plastic bottles, which also has an environmentally friendly benefit.

Health And Wellness Benefits

Everyone will benefit from the clean water produced by inline water filters in Tauranga. Unwanted pollutants, contaminants, bacteria and microparticles will be removed, leaving high-quality water to ensure the safety, health and wellness of everyone in your home or office.

Filtered water is free of chlorine, undesirable metals and minerals and tastes much better than unfiltered water. Food and beverages made with filtered water will also taste much better.

Get in touch with NatureZone Water today to order your inline water coolers in Tauranga so you, too, can benefit from all the advantages of having fresh, clean water available on tap 24/7. We have been your number one stop for great value, support and service in water coolers and water filters for over twenty-five years.

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