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15% off all twin whole house filter systems - 2 weeks only

Chlorine Water Filters Are Essential For Good Health

Water supplied for human consumption is first disinfected to ensure that it is safe. Water from dams, rivers and underground sources contains pathogens and microorganisms. While most are not harmful to humans, some can cause waterborne diseases.

Chlorination is one method used to disinfect water and render it safe for human consumption. 

For the health and safety of you and your family, it is a good idea to remove this chlorine before consuming it or using it for household activities like bathing or showering. Read on to learn more about the reasons why having chlorine water filters installed is a good idea.

It Makes Water And Food Taste Bad

Chlorine affects the flavour and smell of water, and this will carry through to any food or drinks made using water. Most health experts will tell you that chlorinated drinking water poses some health risks and should be avoided.

Having chlorine water filters installed is essential to remove this unwanted chemical.

Avoid Bathing Or Showering In Chlorinated Water

When using chlorinated water for bathing or showering, your hair and skin will be left feeling very dry. The chlorine in the water is absorbed through the skin and, worse yet, vapourised and can then be inhaled. Daily exposure to chlorine via your lungs has been linked to asthma and upper respiratory issues, throat irritation, pulmonary edema and the development of certain cancers. 

Other side effects include irritation to the eyes with redness and swelling, hair loss, dry skin, brittle hair and accelerated aging. Conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can be aggravated by chlorine in people with sensitive skin. 

Installing chlorine water filters will remove this unwanted chemical from your drinking water and the water you use for bathing and showering.

How Can You Remove Chlorine From Your Water?

There are multiple options for removing chlorine from water, including whole-house filtration systems and inline options installed directly onto a specific outlet. You would be well advised to chat with your water filtration specialist to find out more about the best chlorine water filters to meet your requirements. 

Contact NatureZone Water today and chat with our expert team to find out about the best options for chlorine water filters for your home or office. We are your number one destination for value and support in water filters and water coolers. We offer excellent quality, value and service on all types of water filtration products.

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